Father’s Day Grilling Gifts

Popular Grill Accessories


Most fathers get put to work on Father’s Day manning the grill, so why not give him toys for the grill that he will love to use? Here are the top grilling accessories available from Napoleon that will be sure to make Dad feel like he’s celebrating as he cooks your burger.

  • Let there be light! Give Dad the power to grill at all times, even at night. The Napoleon LED Light quickly attaches to any utensil, or your grill lid handle, and directs a beam of light right where you need it most. Dad won’t have to guess if the steak is done yet – he can take a look! The bright illumination of the LED Light means no more sundown-curfew for the grill or a patio light party for the bugs. With the LED Light focused on the grill surface, it’s easy to keep cooking through the night.
  • Have a beer. Beer and barbecue are never a bad combination, and the Wok & Beer Can Chicken Roaster takes the pairing to the next level. Whether Dad opens a brew or uses a soda can, a savory roasted chicken will make him the hero of the grill. The addition of the Wok surface means you can toss some sides around the chicken for a complete meal in one dish. Package your gift with his favorite case of beer, and he will happily grill your dinner on Father’s Day.
  • Inject some fun. Grilling adds great taste to meat, but with the Marinade Injector from Napoleon, Dad can play the gourmet and experiment with savory and juicy flavors. Chicken and steak get a literal punch of flavor as he injects the marinade deep within the densest part of your favorite meats. With an Injector, the seasoning cooks within and thoroughly permeates the whole cut rather than just the on surface. Plus, it’s fun to use.
  • Presto, instant burgers! With a burger press, making patties is a breeze. Dad can quickly prep a dozen burgers, perfectly shaped, to maximize the grill’s surface and feed the whole crew. The Napoleon Gourmet Burger Press is easy to use and clean, creating perfect patties every time. It even creates stuffed patties too. Fresh is faster than thawing and cooking frozen patties and easier than hand-shaping, let the burger press streamline your burger night.

Help Dad enjoy the day with fun and useful grill accessories from Napoleon Grills!